Tips for Adding Beads to Your Hair

If you are interested in the latest beauty trends, then you may want to start wearing hair beads either with your braids or your dreadlocks. While wearing the beads may seem simple, it may not be so easy to simply add on a bead to a thick bunch of hair. There are some tips to help you get the beads positioned correctly, so keep reading to learn a bit about them.

Use Some Dental Floss

If you want to add some beads as decoration and braid it in, then you will need to get the bead in place in a somewhat smooth and manner without causing snarls in your hair. One way to do so is to use dental floss; the waxed kind works best. Also, you may want to stay away from mint or peppermint types of floss that may transfer the odor to your hair.  

Cut a long piece of floss that is between six and twelve inches long. Then, fold the floss in half and tie the middle part of the floss to the end of the hair where you want to add the bead. You will have the two ends dangling from the hair. Thread the ends through the bead and then push the bead down and over the tied section. Push the bead a bit further until it is positioned over the section of hair.

If you want to add several beads, then continue adding them to the floss in the same manner. Untie the floss when you are finished. 

Use a Hair Beader Tool

There are several types of hair beader tools. If you want to add a series of five or more beads to the end of your hair, then a beading device is a good idea. These tools feature a plastic or wood handle with a metal or plastic loop on the end. To use the device, start by adding your beads over the loop. You will need to leave a small section on the end. This is where you will add your strip of hair. Slip the hair in the end loop and gently push the beads up and over the hair. 

The beader tool can be used to add beads to hair that is already braided. If you want to do this, then make sure to purchase hair beads with a fairly large opening. Barrel beads or ones with a 7 to 8 mm opening in the middle are ideal. If you can't find these types of beads in a beauty store near you, try looking up online hair beads stores.

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Tips for Adding Beads to Your Hair
31 October 2018
If you are interested in the latest beauty trends, then you may want to start wearing hair beads either with your braids or your dreadlocks. While wea